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The caller is the making of a successful ceilidh.  You may have been to a 'ceilidh' where it seems to be expected that everyone knows how to dance the 'Gay Gordons' or it feels like its only you who hasn't got a clue what the 'Dashing White Privates' (or was it Sergeants?) are.  Our callers start with the assumption that nobody knows anything about the dances and you'll be led through them.

The caller won't get upset if you get it wrong either.  In fact a bit of going the wrong way and bumping into someone or thing you shouldn't bump into rather helps the enjoyment.

Madcap work with several callers each with their own distinctive approach to running a ceilidh. Contact us for advice on which would be best suited to your event.   Each has their own style but we won't tell you about their strange ways here - just in case they read this!

One of our favourite callers, Arthur Marshall, has his own website

Arthur        Nick

Ralph          Francis

Dave       Peter